Build a Strong body and Mind!

Headed by Sensei Ben, American Karate & Fitness is dedicated to taking the ordinary person and giving them the foundations for great strength, discipline, and mental fortitude! Come on by an take your first class for only 

Martial Arts

Kicking, punching, sparring, and weapon work. Have FUN working out!


Meditation, deep stretching, and an atmosphere of respect help build discipline in children of all ages!

Mental fortitude

Grades, and focus are significantly improved when mastering one's body.

Classes for all ages!

Beginner's Class

From ages as young as 3 our beginner classes offer a great source of physical activity and fun, while also instilling respect into all our students! 

advanced class

After enough time, children can move onto the Advanced Class. More advanced techniques, more physically challenging, and – most importantly – more fun! 

adult class

The place where mom and dad can get fit too! Learn alongside other passionate adults who want to stay in shape while having fun doing it! Don’t let the kids have all the fun!

Don't just take it from us...

Sensei Ben

A lifelong martial artist, Sensei Ben has spent the last 30+ years teaching the youth of Staten Island how to be dedicated, hardworking individuals in all of their endeavors. he believes in not only the physical benefits of martial arts, but also the mental ones. As the head of our dojo, he has inspired confidence in children and adults alike.

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